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Verrutop Verrucae Treatment

At Hamilton Foot Clinic

Verrutop Verrucae Treatment

What is a Verrucae?

A verruca is essentially a collection of skin cells infected by the Human Papilloma Virus or verrucae virus. These infected cells remain in the outer layers of the skin (the epidermis), away from detection by the body’s immune system; explaining why verrucae can be so resilient. Verrucae usually present as a plaque of hard skin with an irregular border and can have black dots (blood vessels) scattered throughout.

Verrucae can be very painful and can appear on any part of the body.

What is Verrutop?

Verrutop is a new treatment in the UK and is a Class 2A Healthcare Product, which should only be used by a qualified medical professional

How does it work?

Verrutop in a unique combination of three organic acids, namely lactic, acetic and oxalic which are combined with copper and zinc salts (accelerants) plus nitric acid to produce “Nitic Zinc Complex”.

This Complex causes two keys processes …

  • Desiccation. This is the process of dehydration. Viruses are made up of proteins, which have an outer lipid layer. This layer protects all the genetic material required for the virus to survive and is highly sensitive to the effects of desiccation (dehydration), which leads to its breakdown and destruction of the virus.
  • Denaturation is a process, which breaks down and lessens the structure of DNA, which is found in all viral proteins and is vital for survial. DNA contains all the genetic material that allows the virus to replicate and grow. Denaturation causes a disruption of this activity and leads to viral cell death.

How effective is Verrutop treatment?

A study involving 210 patients with 766 verrucae demonstrated an 89.3% clearance rate within 6 treatment sessions.

What can I expect if I have Verrutop treatment?

Patients will be booked in for an Initial Assessment. During this appointment the podiatrist will assess if you are suitable for Verrutop.

How is it applied?

Verrutop is applied to the verrucae via a small capillary tube after any overlying callous is reduced.The surface of the verruca is covered in the solution. The verruca may change colour and appear a white/yellow colour. Patients will be advised to apply surgical spirit to the verruca twice a day between treatments to aid the dehyration process. The process will be repeated every two weeks up to a maximum of six sessions.

Is the treatment painful?

In the majority of cases treatment is painless hover some patients may experience a slight tingling or burning sensation. If this is the case, it is short term.

Is everyone suitable for treatment?

Verrutop is a safe topical treatment however may not suitable for all patients. Verrutop should not be used:

  • On healthy skin
  • On tumours, keloids or flat warts
  • On children under the age of 6 years
  • On women who are pregnant or breast feeding
  • On patients with impaired circulation or sensation
  • On patients already using other topical treatments
Verrutop at Hamilton Foot Clinic

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